Exploring the intersections of digital media and painting, Vienna-based artist André Hemer creates dreamy, atmospheric compositions that resemble portals to the sky. Hemer uses scanners and digital photography to capture objects such as flowers en plein air against blue and pink skies, archiving changes in light. For “Troposphere,” he then combined these images, which were taken all over the world, and printed them onto canvases. Hemer used these layered images as the backgrounds of his paintings.

The flat, digital quality of the sky and floral backdrop contrasts with the thickly applied paint and expressive brushwork, pulling the eye across the surface. This sense of movement is heightened by the subtle blurring effect created through the process of scanning. With florals, iridescent skies that resemble rich silk, and tondo canvases reminiscent of ceiling frescoes, Hemer’s work appears simultaneously contemporary, Renaissance, and Rococo. It’s hard not to imagine the foot of a Jean-Honoré Fragonard figure swinging into Hemer’s ethereal compositions.
— Annabel Keenan